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Knives Galaxy has been selling custom knives since February 2004. We try to always have unique and innovating products that make a statement while providing a solid return value. We only sell knifes that are in new, mint or excellent condition. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and support.We also sell our knives on our eBay"knivesgalaxy" store in case you prefer that venue. Unfortunately, the prices are higher on eBay as we have to charge a service fee to cover the very high eBay selling fees.


We currently ship to USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. We can also ship to other countries but the shipping fees are higher for international expedited shipping with insurance. If you live in another country, just send us a message with the city, country and postal code and we will reply with a shipping quote. We only ship to a physical address as most of our items are shipped with signature request due to the high value. 

*For special requests and/or modifications, please contact us at 


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